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Within my work you can see the collision of three qualifications: one of a milliner, a jewelry artist/ goldsmith and being an academic of theatre-, film-, and media studies. These disciplines contribute and influence one another and enable a new and innovative approach to the field of jewelry, which ranges not just from hands, ears and neck, but also to the headdress. 

In April 2019, I fulfilled my heart’s desire and opened a space in the Viennese centre, where my passion to the handcraft and the beautiful things could unite. A place, which gives insight into the creative process of developing body jewelry and with regular exhibitions and events, also offers room for discussion and interaction. 

This space lovingly displays handcrafted jewelry design, unique fascinators and a curated selection of artistic and contemporary pieces by well known national and international artists.


When crafting jewelry I put a lot of emphasis on using fairly produced noble metal. One part of the piece is generated by melting old gold, which I do myself. The other part comes from the company ÖGUSSA, which offers certified gold from their recycling stock. I only purchase gemstones from sources that have gained my trust over long years of collaboration.

Portrait Elisabeth Habig, Foto Philipp H
Elisabeth Habig, Blick hintr die Kulissen, Arbeitsplatz, handgemachter Schmuck, Julian Mullan, Goldschmied Wien, Werkzeug
Elisabeth Habig, Blick hintr die Kulissen, Arbeitsplatz, handgemachter Schmuck, Julian Mullan

Fotos: Philipp Hartberger & Julian Mullan 


Curious, how a ring comes into being?

The technique of the Ossa Sepia affusion dates back to early medieval times. Therefore the cuttle-fish bone of an octopus is used. Every piece of jewelry that evolves from this technique is one of a kind, as the structure on each cuttlebone is individual, but also due to the factor of coincidence, which plays a significant part in the process. An individual ring with a cast in diamond comes into existence that is unique beyond comparison.

Video: Philipp Hartberger, Musik: Antonio Ciravolo

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