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In the heart of Vienna, in Spiegelgasse 25, lies my beautiful studio, which is showroom and workshop in one. Since everything takes place in a small space, it does occur that one finds me in chaos as I’m amidst my creative flow. But this is part of the magic of my shop. You can watch the creational process of the jewelry piece and engage in talks about inspiration and marvel at the diversity of the gemstones. You can actually see, where the jewelry comes from.

1786 the building was constructed by Leopold Grossmann on the grounds of the Kapuziner monastery. And today, 230 years later on the same spot you can admire my treasure chamber, my little cabinet of curiosities. When you enter the shop you immediately feel the conjunction of old and new. A customer pointed this out; she said, this is where the old and new Vienna comes together and somehow she’s right. But why not stop by and see for yourself? 

The studio is a place to feel at ease, a kind of second living room.

Elisabeth Habig 1, Foto Les Factory Femm
Elisabeth Habig 2 , Foto Les Factory Fem

A spiral staircase leads to the basement, which also serves as an off-space/ exhibition room. At least twice a year an event to exhibit jewelry art takes place there. If you don’t want to miss the next exhibition, make sure you sign up for the newsletter!

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