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exhibition - GUESS WHAT

The exhibition “Guess What” displays jewellery pieces of ambiguous shapes, bringing every viewer different, multiple connotations – in other words, moving the observer’s imagination. As we all perceive the world around us in our own, unique way, the exhibition will consist of pieces that, by having inward shapes, colours, patterns or materials evoke these individual perspectives out. Sole perception of ambiguous objects can be connected to assessing individual’s personality and experience. Selected works play with the observer’s subconscious and create differing from one another sceneries and answers as to what exactly it is that we see. The mind is being pushed to “guess what” our senses are being introduced too.

Artist list:

Ela Bauer, Jelizaveta Suska, Tanel Veenre, Hee-ang Kim, Carina Shoshtary, Hanna Kowalska


curated by Hanna Kowalska & Elisabeth Habig

opening: 11.May 2021 starting at 3pm

exhibition: 12.May - 12.June 2021


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