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How do I find the right ring size?

Would you like to purchase a ring from the online shop, but are not sure, what ring size you have? Or you would like to surprise a friend, but don’t want to ask him or her for this information? Then read this guide and determine the right size from home.

On what finger would you like to wear the ring? Have in mind, that if you’re right-handed, this hand is usually slightly sturdier than your left hand. Also the season plays a role: if the fingers are warm they tend to swell a little; if they’re cold, they are slimmer. You should therefore measure your ring size in an environment with a comfortable temperature.

Measuring the ring size with a ring you own

If you have a ring that fits on the right finger, it’s fairly easy: you measure the inner diameter. In the table below you can see, which ring size (circumference) matches your inner diameter.

Make sure, that the ring is round and not oval. If it is oval, then measure both lengths. I calculate the circumference or you can apply this formula:

Circumference = [(length of inner diameter+ width of inner diameter):2] x π

Measure the ring size with a ring gauge You have the option of ordering a ring gauge from my online shop. You only pay the shipping costs, which you will be reimbursed when you place an order.

Measuring the ring size with a paper strip

If you have no ring at hand, it is possible to find out your ring size with a strip of paper. Have in mind, that then knuckle is the widest part of the finger.

Cut a strip that is about a cm/ half an inch wide. Wrap it around the widest part of your finger and make sure, it doesn’t sit too loosely. Now mark the overlap of the paper ends and measure the marked spot. The result in millimeter is your ring size.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to email me at .


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